Sparkie's TVRipper What is tvripper?

TVRipper is essentially batch control over DVDDecrypter. It was written to facilitate easy and automatic renaming of the episodes after they had been compressed from their decrypted VOB format. Basically I wanted to take all my TV dvd's and conver them to xvids. I use dvd decrypter to rip the vob off the disc and save it on my local harddrive to compress with autogk. Unfortunately dvd decrypter development ceased thanks to the DMCA and I was forced to manually (or through batch files) control DVD decrypter. Ripping a couple thousand of my personal dvd's was a daunting task, so I wrote this to:
1. Send a command to dvd decrypter to rip the vob off the disc of a single episode
2. Repeat this process until all VOB's from the disc were ripped
3. Rename each VOB to a naming convention that natbur's tv renamer would understand
4. Setup each VOB for quick import into AutoGK for compression
So if you find yourself in a similar situation, you're in the right place.

What is tvripper not?

TVRipper is not a defacto ripper. It requires DVDDecrypter to be useful.

What is VTS/PGC?

Really? Come on ... google is your friend. If you need to ask that, this program is not for you

Program Options
Rip Setup
DVD Decrypter
Enter the path to the dvd decrypter executeable (download somewhere from the internet and install)

Rip To
Location on your harddrive to rip the files to

Drive Letter
Your DVD Drive letter containing the DVD source to rip from

Series Setup
Series Name
Since TVRipper will automagically rename your files to what you specify here, you need to give it a series name (e.g. Popular TV Show Name Here) the result will be a vob file named "Popular TV Show Name Here - 01x01.vob) Season Number
The season number of the DVD you're ripping (for renaming purposes)

Naming Style
01x01 or s01e01
Some people like 01x01 some people like s01e01. I prefer 01x01 so this is the default. Dealers choice though.

Ripping Options
Open DVD Decrypter
If you need an explanation as to what this does ... you really need to start over.

Preserve IFO
By default all files ripped from the disc are deleted except the VOB, some people like the IFO to be kept without deletion so checking this box will not delete the IFO file.

From VTS / To VTS / From PGC / To PGC
Since TVRipper is meant to rip in batch, and you can encounter multiple VTS/PGC combinations. Entering the first VTS you want to rip from (From vts) and the last VTS you want to rip from (To VTS) TVRipper through complex mathematics (think kindergarten counting here) will automatically figure out exactly where to start and where to end. Since the PGC is the episode itself (I know it's a program chain) you can enter a start (From PGC) and an end (To PGC) here. Again ... through complex mathematical algorithms and some fairy dust sprinkled in the program will automatically figure out exactly what you want ripped. Here's a few examples:
1: From VTS 1 / To VTS [blank] (To VTS can be left blank if you don't need to rip more than 1 VTS)
2: From PGC 1 / To PGC 2
3: This will rip VTS1/PGC1 and VTS1/PGC2 from the DVD and throw it in your 'Rip To' folder.

1: From VTS 1 / To VTS 2
2: From PGC 1 / To PGC 1
3: This will rip VTS1/PGC1 and VTS2/PGC1 from the DVD and again ... store the VOB in your 'Rip To' folder.

1: From VTS 3 / To VTS 4
2: From PGC 6 / To PGC 7
3: This will rip VTS3/PGC6, VTS3/PGC7, VTS4/PGC6, VTS4/PGC7 and blah blah store in your 'Rip To'
Sensing a pattern here?

Start Episode
Say you're working with Disc 1 of a multi disc DVD set. Disc 1 contains episodes 1 to 4, disc 2 contains episodes 5 to 8. If you're on disc 1 and you punch in the start episode of '1' TVRipper will automatically rename everything into the proper 01x01, 01x02, 01x03, 01x04 format for disc 1. When it finishes ripping, it will start your 'start episode' at 5 for the next disc because it assumes you're not stopping till you're done.

Add to Rip Queue
Since you may need to make multiple entries for 1 DVD into TVRipper, it allows you to set everything up and enter it into the queue. When you're all done setting up each individual VTS/PGC into the queue you move on to ... 'Begin Ripping!'

Display Queue
This will show you all the combinations you have entered into the rip queue.

Begin Ripping!
This starts sending the commands to DVD Decrypter to rip the VOB's.

Status Log
Information about what is going on / what you're telling TVRipper to do shows up here.